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- 9 Desember 2021, 22:23 WIB

How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business
How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business

YouTube has become one of the most popular video platforms with over 1 billion viewers. Although YouTube can be tough to grasp at first, once you get over the initial hurdles, you can benefit from YouTube’s efficient marketing tools that are not available on any other platform. 

If you are new to marketing and don’t know how to leverage YouTube’s advertisement industry to grow your business, then this article is for you. 

Here Are Ways on How to Use Youtube Ads to Grow Your Business

1. Create your YouTube channel 

The first step is to create your YouTube channel through the ‘All My Channels’ page. You can add different videos, including your advertisements, on your YouTube channel. Make sure that you use relevant keywords to name your YouTube channel to get noticed on the video streaming platform. Your YouTube channel also affects your branding strategy and your SEO ranking. 

2. Write Your Brand Bio

Before creating your channel, YouTube will ask for a short description of your company, explaining what your company is about and your brand’s purpose. Do not underestimate the bio when creating a YouTube channel, since your viewers will be reading it. Write a description of your brand carefully, since almost 80% of the viewers that visit your channel will read through it. 

To optimize your brand bio, add links to your website in the description. Hyperlinking helps bring more visitors to your website, increasing YouTube statistics and traffic. You can also add links to your social media handles. Mention relevant keywords in the first 70 words of your description, so your video will be listed in the search results when searching for keywords on the search engine. 

3. Decide on Your Ad Goals

For advertising your YouTube or any other social media platform, always plan and set your goals to have a clear idea of what you need to work on. Your ad campaign should have an objective for you to have a direction to succeed. Ensure that you include your budget, storyline, video shooting and editing, and your advertising strategies with this YouTube ads guide. 

List your expectations and determine short-term and long-term goals from the campaign. Careful planning and brainstorming should be an essential part of your marketing campaign.

Choose the Correct Ad Type

There are many ad types, and you should experiment with the ad formats to understand

a. Curate Ad Video and Upload It on Channel

Once you have set up your YouTube channel, it is time for you to create your first ad. The average length of most ads on YouTube ranges from 1 minute 45 seconds to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Focus on the first 5 seconds of the ad to engage and motivate the viewer to watch the entire ad, since you can skip the YouTube ad after 5 seconds. 

Before you create your ad, you need to plan what you want to include and what you want to focus on. Your advertisement should have some value so that people do not skip it. The first 30 seconds of your ad should have the most compelling content. Address your audience’s issues and provide solutions to them through your brand, products, or services. Your ad should have answers to your customer’s needs and questions. 

b. Determine Bidding Strategy 

Determining a bidding strategy is a time-consuming process and will require many attempts. Although to get the most out of YouTube, this step is crucial. To start, link your YouTube channel with Google Adwords. The next step is to determine Cost Per View (CPV) for your campaign, and this means that you will only have to pay for the first 30 seconds of your video. 

Bid limits are the cost you are willing to pay for when each person views your ad. Start with $0.25 per view and slowly increase if you want to drive more traffic to your ad video. Although, set your comfortable bid limit if you are on a budget. 

c. Aim to Catch Target Audience’s Attention

YouTube is an excellent platform for aiming for your target audience. It has different targeting options based on people’s interests. For example, if you are a beauty brand, you want to target people interested in wellness, skincare, makeup, or fashion. These people can be makeup artists or people working in the beauty industry. 

Also, try to identify your target audience’s demographics, including their behavior, to determine if they will be interested in your brand. 

d. Interact and Connect 

You do not desert your YouTube ad after it is up and running. To ensure that your ad drives traffic to your website, you need to connect and interact with your audience. 

Leverage the comment section and actively and regularly interact through the comment feature. Respond to questions or queries that your viewers have about your brand. You can use this strategy to support awareness and tell people why they should consider your brand and its services. Engaging with your audience will also help build your brand’s online presence.

e. Include Cta to Convert Leads Into Customers

CTA or call-to-action is important in directing your customers and informing them what to do next if they are interested in your brand. This is the final step of advertising on YouTube. CTAs are crucial to converting leads into loyal customers that want to invest in your brand. You can ask them to click the link in the description, follow it to get a 50% discount, or stay updated on brand news. 

One smart strategy is to include an offer with your call-to-action for successfully converting leads into customers. 

To conclude, if you are well-informed on how YouTube marketing works, then you can strive for optimal results with your ad campaigns. Research on YouTube’s algorithm and learn how to create video ads that drive sales. Although it is easy to set up a YouTube channel and start creating, the difficult part is maintaining and being consistent with your marketing goals.

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