The danger of bullying that you shouldn’t do

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If in your class there are friends who like to insult or even hurt your other classmates, it means that in your class there has been something called bullying.
If in your class there are friends who like to insult or even hurt your other classmates, it means that in your class there has been something called bullying.

According to the National Center Against Bullying (NCAB), Bullying or so-called harassment occurs when there are individuals or groups with stronger power continuously and repeatedly injuring and endangering others who are weaker than they are so unable to resist.  Bullying can occur for a prolonged period of time and will continue to drag on if no response is taken.

The form of bullying itself can be in the form of ridicule, ridicule, to torture (beating, kicking, jewed, and so on).  Broadly speaking, bullying can be categorized into four forms.  What are the forms, anyway?



This form of physical bullying certainly involves physical contact.  Examples can include kicking, hitting, pushing, and damaging things.

If you see your friend hitting or pushing your other friends, at that time you are witnessing physical bullying.  The activity is not a good activity.  Try to stop it.  As such, you have contributed to stopping the bullying behavior that is around you.


This form of bullying is probably one of the most common forms of bullying you encounter in everyday life.  The form can be in the form of insulting, ridiculing, ridiculing, or any sentence intended to intimidate or oppress others.

What is usually used as material to verbally bully?

Often used as material is ethnicity, language, religion, race, economic status, to saramini orientation.

Verbal bullying may not show physical injuries like physical bullying.  But verbal bullying still hurts other people’s hearts.  As for proverbs

 saying: because the tongue is sharper than a sword

Words that come out of someone’s mouth either intentionally or unintentionally can often hurt other people’s hearts.  Even the pain can exceed the pain of being stabbed by a sharp object.  Hayo, watch your words.


Do you like to gossip?  Like to gossip about other people?

If so, you should start stopping your habits.  By spreading bad news about other people, you have indirectly committed social bullying.  By spreading bad news about someone, you contribute to reducing that person’s image to the public.  What effect?  That person can be shunned and ostracized.

Regardless of whether or not the bad news you spread, inviting people to hate others is an unjustifiable act.


Well, if the form of bullying on this one seems very often you meet at social media.  It turns out that the development of information and technology is not entirely good for our lives.  For example yes the existence of cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying only appeared when the internet became familiar with the wider community.  If you like to bad-mouth your friend’s instagram posts, then you are one of the perpetrators of cyberbullying.

Actually, why do people bully?

Have personal problems

One of the reasons for someone to bully is ownership of personal matters.  The bullying person has a personal problem and cannot solve it properly so he feels helpless.  This eventually became the trigger that made him carry out bullying.  The aim is to show that he has power so that his sense of helplessness can be covered up.


Another reason why someone abuses someone else is that he was a victim.

For example, there are friends who like to bully classmates because at home he was abused by his brothers.

Well, before you bully other people, think first about the impact of your actions later.  It may be that the person you insulted, beaten, or intimidated will avenge him in the future.  That way, you co-create bullying.


Envy can also be a trigger for bullying behavior.  Suppose you have the smartest student in your class and your friend feels jealous because you can’t be as smart as that student.  Finally, this clever student is ridiculed as a nerd, anti-social, or lack of association.

Seeking attention

There are also people who do bullying so that he gets the attention of those around him.  Sometimes the perpetrators of this kind of bullying do not even realize that what they are doing fall into the category of harassment.  Even though he only wants himself to get attention.  If that’s the case, you can give him attention so that he no longer harasses others.

Other steps you can take when meeting this type of bully, just leave it alone.  They bully because they want to be noticed.  Usually when you leave it alone, they get confused and eventually leave you.

Maybe there are some of you who like to bully classmates.  If so, you should start stopping your disgraceful actions.  Bullying that you do can harm the victim not only physically and mentally, his future can be threatened.  Because anything we do to others can have positive or negative effects.  If I really want what I do can have a positive impact.  If you do that too, you should read this article to the end so that you will know how dangerous bullying is.

Actually, how dangerous is the impact of bullying?

Maybe there are some of you who like to bully classmates.  If so, you should start stopping your disgraceful actions.  Bullying that you do can harm the victim not only physically and mentally, his future can be threatened.  Because anything we do to others can have positive or negative effects.  If I really want what I do can have a positive impact.  If you do that too, you should read this article to the end so that you will know how dangerous bullying is.

The following are a few examples of the effects experienced by victims of bullying.

Health impact

Bullying can damage both the physical and mental health of the victim.  The impact does not only occur in the short term, but also in the long term.  Victims of bullying can experience physical injury, emotional disturbance, and even death can result.  Bullying victims are potentially vulnerable to mental health disorders, headaches, and in the long run can damage the confidence of their victims.

When you bully your friend, either hitting him or making fun of him, you may not realize that what you do will have an impact on the future of your victim.  Physically your victim can suffer from bruises to broken bones.  Whereas mentally, the effect cannot be measured easily.  Do you want to be responsible if your friend’s future becomes gloomy because of your fad?

Decreased academic achievement.

Students who experience harassment on a regular basis tend to display worse academic performance than those who don’t experience it.  This was confirmed in a study conducted by a University of California (UCLA) psychologist in the Journal of Early Adolescence.

The study involved 2,300 students from 11 different schools in Los Angeles.  The results show that students who experience bullying most often get worse academic grades than other students.

For those of you who still like to bully your friends, think again.  The actions you do can have an impact on the future of your friends.  This is it.  To be able to enter PTN through the invitation channel, you need a good report card.  If it turns out that the friend you bullied was a bad report card because you didn’t pass the selection, it means you did something really bad.  So, how is it?  Still want to be a bully?

Join the violence or take revenge.

We have previously discussed that one of the reasons for people to bully is because in the past that person became a victim.  You could say bullying is a long chain that starts from one actor who then gives birth to another actor.  Here I would like to invite you not to become a perpetrator so that this chain can be broken and no longer be born new bullies.

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